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Ballast Water Management System (BWMS)

EPT (Enhanced Physical Treatment) technology clearly show the best performance in Ballast
Water Management with low power consumption. Hydrocyclone prefilter has strong separating
performance in sediments especially sand and
maintenance free filter, which can avoid clogging and also no need to replace filter.

EPT technology will not bring any potential risks to environment, ships and crew. Modular design
concept of BWMS provides huge flexibility and space saving for engine room or pump room installation.

EPT technology have great biological effectiveness, so it can meet not only IMO D-2 requirements but
California & New York standards. At the same time, we have developed a full series of products with
explosion-proof functions from 100m3/h~6000m3/h,which can be applied to different type of ships.

Intelligent control system always monitors the running status of BWMS and it will help ship crew easy to operate the Ballast Water Management System.